I Don't Know What I'm Doing, Oh No

Hey there!

I wanted a single place where I could keep all of my work together, and seeing as I'd been told many a time that a website was a good thing to have, here it is!

And, as my debut novel -- The Case of the Giant Carnivorous Worm, which can be found on Goodreads and Amazon -- is releasing in a little over a month, I felt that now was the best time to do it.

The main tab is likely going to be used to post updates and other blog related things, like a person who actually knows what they're doing, and there's also a tab for my books, handily titled "My Books."

Not just that, though; there's also a third tab labelled "Free Stories" which will contain just that. So far, I have my two previous publications with STORGY Magazine on there, and I look forward to adding more to it in the future. I have another publication back in 2015, as well, but that magazine no longer exists so, for the time, it has been lost to the wild.

Either way, thank you for checking the site out! Have a look around, check out some of the free stories, and most importantly, buy my book.

- Thomas

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